I need conversation topics for a date...

Hi everyone, I would really appreciate it if you can give me some conversation topics for a date...I know the guy, he is actually my friend...but we never hung out alone together and talked though we have made-out with each other...so I just want some good conversation topics for this date in case we run out of things to say...I'm really nervous...Thanks!


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  • From experience, when I try to force random topics or "plan it out" I end up getting really nervous. Just keep a natural flow. Dates are the time to get to know each other so ask him questions about himself. Stuff that you really want to know. That turns into a conversation. Avoid talking about yourself unless he asks.


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  • If he really likes you, conversation won't be the first thing on his mind. So there's a load off. Now relax and try and enjoy yourself.


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  • Well, since you two are friends already, this should be easier for you. Do you know what he does for a living? Ask about his job, career goals, is he a college student? Ask about his studies, fav hobbies. Fav movies, songs. If he is intelligent enough, talk about today's news and politics. Politics will always keep a conversation moving. He should also play his part and keep the conversation going.

  • -Current events






    -sports (if you really find it interesting. I'm clueless about it XD)

    I think you two will be fine since you are already friends. Be you that is the most important thing.