How to play hard to get back

How does a guy play hard to get back to a girl that likes him but plays hard to get? Do I not text her and only reply to her text if she text first,(but take my time getting back) flirt with her, tease her, etc. Also when playing hard to get will she think your not interested, I really like her.

She told me that she was a challenge and I told her I like a good challenge, and she said once you get me I'm loyal, honest, trusworthy and fun.
she smiled when I said I like a good challenge
Also should I call or text? When asking her for another date?


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  • Nooo that's not the way to do it. Find a way to impress her and show you like her and be clever about it.

    Before he asked me out, my ex once sent me a link to a quiz that basically asked me to state names of 3 crushes and I filled it in and once I pressed enter, it e-mailed all the results to him! So he knew all my crushes and I just found it so bizarre and clever at the same time.

    She's only playing hard to get to see if you think she's worth the effort. So make the effort.


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  • What I usually do is make it seem like you always have something fun going on. You want her to think you have options and your not just waiting around for her. Continue texting her occasionally. Probably not everyday but just message her asking how her day is going so she knows ur interested. Play off of her actions if she's not calling or texting wait her out. Let a day or two go by before hitting her up. You dont want to always be the one initiating the conversations.