What would be a good date?

What kind of date would you guys prefer, and girls, what kind of date worked out best for you, what dates wouldn't be the best, and what would be your view on kissing, when and where is it appropriate? Also, what's the actual meaning of first, second, and third base?


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  • The first date is about getting to know each other so it is always good to go somewhere where you can talk.

    You can do something traditional like a meal and then the cinema or you could go bowling, Ice Skating, to the park or zoo. These are all good things to do and give you a chance to talk.

    First base - is going out with someone, dating someone.

    Second Base - Is kissing someone

    Third Base - Is sleeping with someone.

    When it comes to the kiss, you should wait until the end of the date as a minimum and if the kiss does not happen at the end of the first date it is nothing to worry about. As long as you have had fun/a good time that is the main thing. You should then leave it a couple of days and message or call the guy to let him know that you had a good time. You don't want to do it straight away because you come across as desperate but you don't want to wait a week either because that then gives the sign that you are not interested.

    When it comes to thrid base - You should wait a while before making this happen, especailly if you want a real realtionship. You need to wait a month minimum but at your young age I would wait a lot longer and make sure you use protection. If you don't make the guy wait then you don't know if they are really interested.

    I hope this helps.


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  • As urban dictionary says, follow the four F's




    4th=uh... intercourse


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