Is it wrong to make out with someone on the first date?

i was very attracted to the guy we went out with and everything was just so boring so we made out (we went to the movies) twilight was on and we made out through the whole movie from comercials to the end lmfaooo

before our first date we talked for like 11 days from like 8am to 11pm for a while mad long I know and we still talked after the day we kissed but things started changing I started waking up late and stuff so we talk less as time passed and I don't know before in the beginning he talked to me even when he was at work but then he became "too busy" and started taking long replying late and stuff and I started losing trust and even though he denied it, it was evident that he was losing interest in me

well unfortunately things didn't work out between us because I was too clingy or I don't know I argued with him too much cause I started catching feelings for him and got jealous every time he liked a girl's status or picture on fb so everything ended between us this was like 4 months ago but I'm still not over it idky I miss him a lot :/ but he strongly dislikes me now I tried talking to him but he kept ignoring me


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  • Who initiated the make-out session?

    • me :/ I kissed him first and then we made out from there

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    • i honestly thought we were in the same page I honestly thought we were going to be, and we were talking to get in a relationship with each other but I guess things just turned upside down, but I guess it's my fault my insecurity kicked in and I started arguing with himm all the time saying that he wasn't showing much interest and that I was going to leave all it did was push him away it hurts that he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore, he even moved so that made things even harder

    • ithink he hates me:/

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  • I can't read your words due to lack of punctuation. There are no periods separating sentences and it hurts my brain to try to read it.

  • If we ever go out to see a Twilight movie, then please continue making out with me.

    I allow it.

    • i bet nothing would've happened if we watched a funny movie but there was nothing good around that time and I hate twilight so errrr

    • yesss so keep making out. I will be happy :)

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  • define make

    A peck would of been more subtle and classy.

    But if the guy was hot...i can't blame you.

    • he was tooooooo sexyyyyy

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    • it******

    • AHAHAh You go girl ! but that was wrong what he did ._.