Is she trying to gently let me down?

I texted a girl to hang out and she said she was doing something with her family. Then she added that the weather would have been perfect enough to hang out. That was it.

I've hung out with her one time before, about a month ago. When I asked her then to hang out, when she couldn't, she'd offer me an alternative time. However, after we hung out, about an hour later she texted me, thanking me and saying it was fun.

Because she didn't do that this time, is she just being too nice to reject me?


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  • It's not a rejection if you haven't asked her out. Girls are notorious for giving guys hints, and guys are notorious for not getting the hidden meaning behind those hints.

    Try asking her out directly and see what she says. If you get an enthusiastic "yes," you're still in the game. If you get an "I'm busy" excuse without an alternative day/time, she's not interested.


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  • Probably but I would ask officially

    • well, if she's doing that, then I don't want to bother asking her.

      What percentage of confidence would you say she's letting me down?

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    • Yeah, we're both really busy to the point where we only have free time on the weekends. Sometimes it seems like she's not doing anything on the weekends, sometimes she is.

      The reason I don't pre-plan is I've been burned doing that in the past. Best to keep it casual and appear not to be so invested.

      So after reading my explanation, do you think she's bailing?

    • I would say she is busy, because people do have them days when the weather is perfect but you have to do something. And there's nothing wrong with planning in advanced, you just probably over did it. So I would set a schedule around both of your free time, like hang out every 2 wks or once a month.

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  • No I don't think so :) I think that's she's telling the truth. She said that it was nice to be with you. That should be enough to know :)

    • but she didn't offer an alternative time.

      That was what she said after we hung out 3 weeks ago.

  • Ummm no. She's just busy.

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