What do I mean to him?

I met this guy through friends at a party. Known him from high school. At a New Year's Eve party his friend & him came back to the house I was staying at for the night. We started (playfully)fighting over a blanket & who would get the couch. He kept wanting it cuddle & when I'd move to the other couch he'd throw shoes my direction to get my attention. Since then every time I'd see him out it was instant chemistry but we never came out & said it. I got the hint he fancied me at a party when we were wrestling as a joke & he pushed me up against the stairs & kissed me. We ended up making out for awhile. We eventually get each others numbers & text here & there, then we stopped talking out of no where. I noticed he was talking to other girls through social networking sites so I decided to leave it be. I saw him next at a party on St.Patricks, but since I noticed he was talking to other girls I'd pass all of his advances because I didn't want to be a sucker. I did say goodbye to him & he kissed me on the forehead. So I became confused. Next time I saw him out was for his birthday. The chemistry was a tad off, but we still had some small talk. Then a girl showed up & stole all of his attention. Brought her back & everything. His friend who was at the bar with him was talking to my friend so I watched it all go down back at his place. The girl left, & he then pursued me... I fell for his tricks & we started back at our old ways. I noticed while we were canoodling he'd bring up the first night we met. As I left he kissed me once again on the forehead goodbye as he hugged me. Now I'm thoroughly confused. Players don't do that. I'm confused as to what I mean to him, if anything.


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  • I've been in your position before of wondering what I mean to a guy but not asking him. I have to say from my experience the best advice is to just ask him. I waited to long when I should have been asking the guy I was with and I got hurt. So from one girl to another, just ask him. You deserve to know! If you want to talk feel free to message me! :)

    • You're right I do deserve to know! I'm just really scared & unsure of how I'd even go about that. Haha I'll figure it out, thank you:)

    • I totally understand what you mean. I'm dealing with this same thing again right now. I know I need to just ask him but I'm not sure how to do it either. lol Maybe just when you two are alone tell him you have something you want to know and you think you deserve to know and then ask him. Maybe tell him you don't want to make him mad or push him away but that you think it's important that you both know where you stand with each other... That's what I'm leaning toward saying to my guy.

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