How do I know if he really is into me?

I met up with a guy who I have known for years. We dated for 5 days when we were teenagers. He text me constantly until after I finally agreed to meet up with him. Well it bothered me Because I felt used for sex. Well, we started talking again. He was all up in my business wanting to know everything I was doing. I got tired of it and quit answering his text. So he gets upset and wants to know why I randomly stop texting him. well we talk it out and stayed in contact everyday til 2 3 or 4 am. Well, lately his text are short unless its the day I'm supposed to come over. I feel like its just sex, but he clearly doesn't want me seeing anyone else. When other guys try to talk to me I can get interseted in them because I feel like I'm already taken. But he doesn't seem to feel the same.


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  • Does he at least make an effort to romance you? Take you out on dates, etc? Sounds to me like you're just a booty call. A guy will be protective of that as well. You don't want the girl you're sleeping with to sleep with other people.

    Drop his ass and move on. I apologize for my gender.

    • No, he doesn't take me on dates but wants me to spend the night and hang out with his buddy's

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  • Seems to me he is definitely into you if he spends all his time talking to you and stays up late at night just to keep talking to you. He definitely feels something for you other than sex, trust me. If it was just sex he wouldn't waste too much time on you because as you said, it would be only for sex and he would have other things to do that he'd be more concerned with and other options if you wouldn't have it anymore. Men who only use women for sex either have options or are just slumming it with someone they're not attracted to but don't have any other option currently. I'm going to assume you're attractive and that he is spending this much time on you because he likes you.

    • But, his text have gotten short and its not till late like it used to be... He seems to busy for me now. I understand work and all that.. But all day? then it will go back to talking for a few days then nothing again.. He's so confusing..

  • Were you leading him on or senting him mixed signals?

    • He knows I'm into him, I feel like he's sending mixed signals..

    • Ok well is he a good guy, or is he over controling and insecure about himself?

    • I think he's a good guy, he cares about his appearance, he's smart, but I'm wondering if he's just like this with every girl or could I be the only one?

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