If a guy ALWAYS wants to kiss you?

This guy and I just started going out, and ever since our first kiss, he have just wanted to kiss me ALL THE TIME. Whenever we watch a movie, play a video game, cuddle, walk or whatever he always wants to make-out. Also in all the things he says: "If I kill 5 people in Counter Strike I deserve a kiss", "If I let you sleep, I deserve a kiss", "Because I found your wallet, I deserve a kiss", ect.

I'm not that much of a kisser, so I actually only initiate it about 5% of the times. It's not that I don't like it, I just don't understand why he wants to kiss at all times. :)

It's the same with cuddling, he also wants to cuddle wherever and whenever, while I'm not much of a cuddler. Again, it's not annoying, just funny.


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  • He just can't keep his lips off you.

    It must be that your lips are meant together for him.


What Girls Said 1

  • he is probably very sexually attracted to you..

    maybe he enjoys physical part of the relationship more than just talking and chilling..

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