What is the best advice that you could give to a (a) girl (b) a boy referring to dating / flirting?

What is the best advice that you have and could give to a

(a) a girl

(b) a boy

referring to dating / flirting/ relationship/ interaction with the opposite gender.


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  • To A and B:

    Take your time with a new relationship

    Be yourself

    Communication is key

    This advice applies to both sexes.


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  • You're asking to write two books! I'll keep it shorter (read my complete works and those of others on this site)

    How to find someone to date? Go looking where you're most likely to find a sister soul.

    Look for someone who is not in a relationship, someone who's on your level, someone who has your sympathy and who showed sympathy towards you. Count on luck, hazard and serendipity: link (someone who's obviously searching will be avoided by lots of people)

    Don't run after the most successful in dating domain, after the stars, the cheerleaders, the sports stars : chances are, they're "spoiled" in the relational domain (like children are spoiled: self centered and demanding) If it doesn't work out between you and you don't get closer, know when to give up.

    how to date and interact?

    Once you've established contact, be natural, don't try to pose as someone you're not. Above al, be gentle, caring and forgiving: you don't date for your own pleasure only, for the other ones' pleasure just as much as for yours: yours will come from hers.

    Don't try to go fast: let the girl determine the pace you move on.

    Use your brains. Think with the head you got on your neck

    Not much difference between advice for girls and guys, except that girls should be more prudent than guys: few guys are abused by girls.

    This is answer GROSSLY incomplete (and inexact for some people)

    All hands on deck to complete this answer please!

    Everybody 's welcome.

    • As shlei3 wrote:

      Communication is key

      John 1. 1 In the beginning was the Word

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    • "don't be pushy", "always give her space" are true too.

    • ....you're the best candidate for a "best answer" so far... and believe me I never ever have choosed someone so early as a "best answer"option.....thumbs up man!!!!