Should I ask her out for a second date?


So, last weekend I went on a 5hr date, first one, with a girl I've met online. We went to a bar to get some drinks. During the date conversation was flowing and we talked non stop about everything. I've noticed she was flirting a little bit, touching/playing with her hair and she even reached out a couple of times across the table (I sat right in front of her) touching my arm. I liked this girl, she was natural and cute, but I've noticed she has some romantic issues from the past. After our meeting I kissed her on the cheek 'cause I didn't want to rush things.. The morning after our date she sends me a text.: Hey, although we didn't end romanticly yesterday, I had a pleasant experience from our date.

Now two questions:

1. Do you guys thinks she's interested or just being polite?

2. Should I ask her out for a second date?

We haven't talked anymore since this weekend by the way.



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  • 1) she is interested

    2) yes

    People don't spend 5hrs with people if they have no interest in them. The relationship may not end in wedding bells but it is certainly worth finding out about and I imagine she feels the same way

  • 1. She really is interested in you, and her text expresses that she's expecting something more.

    2. You should really ask her out again.

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