Why she became distant all of a sudden?

This female friend and I been hanging out for 3 months now. She chose to be around me everyday no matter what. We had the perfect friendship. 2 months of being really cool and around each other she told me she had strong feelings for me. Couple weeks later I told her I felt the same. Things became weird. We cuddled and slept in same bed. She usually call and text me every morning and night. She recently stood me up. I was upset she bought me a card apologized and told me her feelings. Now she became so jealous. She talked to a dude she liked but he don't like her its cool but when I talk to females she become extremely jealous and we work together. She always coming around me at work and want to go through my phone. She always smothering me but now she don't call but I still get good morning texts every morning. What can I do to get her to call me more and stop being distant? Should I call her? What do you think is happening.


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  • Just don't mess with that, if she gets jealous like that and you guys are just friends, its going to get worse if you try and more than friends.

    • Her past bfs did her wrong. So I kind of understand. I just talked to her and the reason why because she been busy with important business.

    • Yes, but she has to understand that not all guys are the same and thatshe needs to learn to trust you.

What Guys Said 1

  • Simply start distancing yourself from her.

    Let her work your relationship out. It seems that she's just taking you for granted.

    • You're right we just got done talking. She met a friend who she met when she blew me off. Now she saying he is currently wasting gherkin's time by lying.

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