Guys, what kind of text message grabs your attention?

Guys, if your just getting to know a woman and you both text periodically if not everyday and it's been few days that you haven't heard from her...what message would you like to receive to let you know your on her mind without seem clingy? What would reassure you. No pics because we have been exchanging them...he been out of town and just got back. I don't want to sound desperate by asking if he's bck because I know he's bck (I saw on Facebook). I just want to send a stand out short and sweet message. PS we are not in a relationship


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  • send him a picture, like this: link

    Or this: link

    Or this: link

    • Got any flirty ones? or more funny ones

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    • Yea I'm going to send the flirty was you sent when we get to that level. I kissed him and man oh man we both know sexual chemistry is there. I just don't want him to think I'm after sex or desperate. I would like to get there then send...or maybe I should send it now...guys like that lol