How much longer should I go with the silent treatment?

I was trying to talk to this girl that I consider a close friend of mine about something that was really bothering me. Talking didn't work and she's ended up ignoring me for the past 2 weeks. She doesn't ignore me on Facebook. But she doesn't respond to any of my messages or my texts. I haven't messaged her or texted her, and, I've been keeping the FB comments down to a minimum for the past week at all.

We went on a jan term trip together for 2 weeks and she is with someone now. I used to have a crush on her. She thought that I still had a crush on her, even though I got over my romantic feelings that I used to have for her at that point, and since she thought I still had a crush on her she thought I was coming on to her or something like that and our friendship hasn't really been the same since. It was actually going fairly well for a while earlier this semester until she brought up the trip in a conversation and was joking around about stuff, and it brought up bad memories for me, because she really hurt me a lot during that trip. I've been trying to talk to her about it and she hasn't been willing exactly to talk back.

It got to the point where I wondered if I stopped messaging her at all, if, she would even notice. I stopped messaging her for one week completely, and, she made a status saying that I should hang out with her with our group of friends that we hang out with, and, said that she hasn't hung out with our group of friends (which I'm a part of) all semester long... I simply said yes, we should hang out in response to the status (she wants to hang out with all of us).

But, I think she deserves another week or maybe a week and a half at least of silent treatment. Most friends I have would respond to something that had that kind of urgency sooner rather than later, but, she's kind of stopped all form of communication except for Facebook statuses. I've decided to even stop liking her statuses as much as I used to and I've stopped trying to initiate things for the time being.

Do you think that she'll recognize that she hurt me and come around to me? I think that I was really bugging her earlier because of how much I was messaging her about it... but she was really mean to me over the trip once she acted on her assumption that she thought that I was coming on to her. We've never had a proper discussion about it and I want for her to come back to me, and show me she actually cares, because sometimes I've kind of wondered if she still did at all since it seemed to be becoming really one sided.


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  • It seems that she doesn't care anymore.

    The silent treatment should stop now, and you should just find yourself another girl.

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