Am I being too shallow?

I have currently been on two dates this girl now. I actually met her a year back through a friend, and we hooked up. I didn't really talk to her after that, then this year I saw her at a party and we ended up hooking up again. drunk both times. This time I got her number an I decided what the hell id take her out.

Shes a really cool girl and we get along well, both dates ended well. the problem is that I don't find her all that attractive, psychically. She not hideous or anything but she's not quite what I would normally go for.

I don't know how to approach the situation. should I continue to date her and see what happens or not?


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  • nothing wrong with having a preference. but you keep f***in her. why?

    • im not f***ing her, yet. just like making out. the first time we met it went a bit further though.

    • lol well don't do that either if you aren't attracted to her physically. just let her know or whatver

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  • You would be surprised how differently someone can appeal to you after you have caught feelings for them. id say just see what happens because if it ends up working out you won't see her in the same way and you won't care what she looks like.


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  • Don't pursue, I repeat, Don't pursue. Your far from shallow. You have no chemistry with her on the physical level, that's where it first begins and is the basis to the development of the chemistry internal mental and personality levels. If she don't make your DNA or your blood boil when you see her or talk to her, your relationship will fizzle fast.