Should I expect a text?

For the last few weeks I have been crushing on this graduate student lecturer who teaches the class before mine. He is in no way associated with my major and doesn't teach any classes that I have or ever will take. I'm always early to that class and he's always staying for a few minutes after his class ends so that's how I actually know who he is. We've made eye contact a couple of times, which I quickly broke because I'm so shy, and he smiled at me once but that's pretty much the extent of it. So, yesterday I was feeling a little ballsy and decided that I was going to write him an anonymous letter with my number on it while I was on the train to get to campus. I never ever do anything like this but I figured what the hell, I'm sick of regretting not talking or approaching certain guys because I'm too shy. So, in the note I just told him I thought he was good looking and if he wants to know who I am he can look in a specific area of the classroom and even described the outfit I'm wearing, or he could text my number. Since I couldn't find his room or mailbox, I left it with this lady who is in charge of the office of his department who knew who he was and said she would get it to him. That was in the morning and I had that class later on in the afternoon. I had my friend come with me to that class for the first five minutes because I was too nervous to go alone and wanted her to gauge his reaction if he got the note. So, when we got there it looked like he was looking around the area I mentioned in the letter, but he usually does that which is one of the instances that causes us to make eye contact. Then, according to my friend, as he was walking up the stairs he looked over for a second or two but didn't seem to show any indication that he read the note yet. However, the previous two classes before this he also looked up at me as he was walking up the stairs and we made eye contact but both quickly broke it. I know it has only been a day and I'm not sure if he even got the note yet, but if he did when should I expect a text? Or should I expect one at all?


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  • It depends on his situation. If he is single and interested then he might text you or he might not. I hope he isn't taken. If he does text you, guys normally wait a few days to even a week to text a girl back. I give you credit for doing that and for taken a chance like that. I really hopes he does text you back.


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