Should I text him again?

This guy and I are getting pretty serious. We won't be able to text each other after Thursday for some time (his phone is going to be off) and we've been texting since the weekend. Our last conversation was last night and he was the last person to reply (saying good night) so should I text him again to have another conversation or just leave him be? Would I be irritating him if we talk again even though we talked last night and Saturday night?


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  • text him again. he will be glad to here from you before his phone is turned off and you will be his first thought when getting his phone turned back on. I don't think it will be irritating unless y'all aren't having a good conversation.


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  • you should do what ever is natural. don't be confusing and play games. I can't stand when women do that. if you feel like talking to him then do it. if you don't and your busy then don't.

    You should call him, texting makes it way to easy to play dumb games like this.

    • Ok there is no game. Thanks for your answer but just because a girl is too scared to text a guy, doesn't mean she's playing a game. It means she doesn't want to bother him.

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