Should I approach him or just forget about him?!

I met him (R) at a res party one night, he never responded to my text the next morning.

Saw his friend at a frat party the next weekend & he said that are never texted because he really liked me but I was flirting with everyone so his friends said to stay away from me. We talked about are for like 2 hrs and he said he'd talk to are for me. But 2 weeks later I texted him and he didn't respond. So then I texted are (quite sentimental) and he didn't respond either!

Frat party coming up that they're going to be at, & I'm wondering if I should approach R. I mean, I talked to his friend longer ABOUT are than I actually talked TO are and I did all that "What's gonna happen now?" texting so will I seem too desperate for him?


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  • He doesn't like you. You don't wanna be thirsty. He hasn't responded to your text in 2 weeks for a reason. If he was into you he wouldn't care what his friends said. And if you keep talking about that boy to your friends they might start to think you're desperate/crazy.