I've been dating this guy for 7 months and he doesn't want to make it official...should I break it off?

I'm 21 and he's 25. We met when we graduated from the college we attended together. After exchanging numbers, we texted for a week until he added me on Facebook and I saw that he was "in a relationship," and I stopped texting him.

A month later, he texted me out of nowhere and we ended up hanging out for a weekend (which is when I found out he had broken up with his ex a month ago).

At that time, we lived in different cities and weren't able to hang out in person. But we would text and talk everyday. He even took me to one of my favorite band's concert. This was when I asked him where he saw us going, not that I was asking for us to make it official...I just didn't want to be wasting my time because we had been "dating" for four months already. But he said that he wasn't ready for a relationship yet, but he couldn't imagine not having me to talk to. I decided that I needed a break from him. But that barely lasted a few days before we started talking like we were before.

Then he made a move down to where I lived and we have been dating since. 7 months total, by now. But he's made no move or mention of us moving forward. If anything, I feel like I'm just convenient at this point. And when I asked him if he was dating or talking to anyone else, he admitted to talking to another girl a few months back (around the same time we had been talking). So...I can only wonder why he chose me to continue dating...or if he really did choose me...or if he's still talking to this other girl. He says that I'm the only one...but he's been secretive with his phone lately. Even when I grabbed it to check the time, he had a mini freak–out and tried to stop me before I explained that my phone was in his room and I just wanted to check the time. We never had this issue before...we never cared if the other used our phone for checking the time or even using apps...

To clarify, yes, we've had sex...but haven't lately because I haven't felt comfortable in our situation.

We've also met each others siblings and our parents know of the "significant others," but have yet to meet them

He also tends to get a tad jealous when a guy friend texts me or I hang out with them

He acts like a boyfriend, but doesn't want to be called one? I just don't know...help?


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  • Yes, it's time to walk. If after 7 months he still isn't sure, you're wasting your time and asking to be disrespected in the mean time while he talks and sleeps with other women. Him keeping the commitment title off is so that he can hook up with other girls without feeling guilty.

    Walk away and don't look back this time. Why give so much to a man who doesn't even want to proudly call you his girlfriend? You're just a girl he has sex with...at least that's what he's telling the other girls he talks to.


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  • Give him some time ...since everyone deserves a chance...It can be just that he loves you but doesn't want to hesitate and if he seems dis interested you will come to know in the following days...be patient

    If you don't give him time he would have every1 reason in the book...thats why keep calm and ask him whether he wants you or just fooling around

  • He's not interested in being exclusive, he's only in it for the sex. Good thing you cut it off!


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  • I'm skeptical. I feel like if he took this long without at least dating you exclusively, it's not going to happen. Especially since he was talking to another girl a few months back. I would move on because I would feel like a convenience-girlfriend in your situation.

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