How often can I text him without being annoying and clingy?

i hooked up with one of my best guy friends and he was worried about me becoming attached and whatnot. I didn't contact him for about a month (he texted me a few times but I wasn't very responsive because I needed space to figure out how I feel and if being friends w him still is a good idea). not long after we hooked up he told me to text or call him whenever and we can hang out whenever I want and do whatever I want. so I decided I do still want to be friends with him. how often can I text him though without getting annoying and clingy? because I don't want to be that girl that drives/scares him away because I won't leave him alone.


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  • Whoever you get bored. But I don't tinitiate texts often

    • Whenever I*

    • Why don't you initiate text or contact? very curious for reasons why

    • You are not going to like the answer. Because men like to chase. It's about the principle of " the harder you work something the more you value it". Yup boy don't like to hear this!

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