So what has changed in him?

My best friend from home was texting me last night. See the issue between me and him is the long distance. He doesn't want to date because I'm 8 hours away. Well last night we were texting and we were discussing what we missed about seeing each other and everything. When it came to my turn I told him what I missed most about seeing him and being around him. He told me that I sounded like I was in love. Automatically I panic and started apologizing a lot and saying it was really stupid. I eventually fell asleep on him when he was telling me no its OK and when I was asleep I don't know he NEVER spams me with messages. He sent me like 5 texts, 6 messages on Facebook, one on Skype, and then my two newest photos on Facebook he commented on and beside each comment he put hearts and that's not normal. I woke up and was replying to him and told him I fell asleep and I think he did after a while. So I'm not going to text him again but I really don't understand what caused him to act that way last night...It surprised me and shocked me. I haven't got a clue as to what happened. What happened? Can someone explain to me what changed because I'm really confused. I can't see my life without him...but the question is in what way..


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  • I'm not sure I understand this completely but I want to help. Are you basically saying he didn't want to be in a relationship with you, and hasn't really shown much interest before either. So in the end him thinking you were trying to say you love him was potentially going to ruin your friendship. But now you think that's exactly what he thinks (even though you apologized).

    But in all honesty you don't know what to think, right? It's his actions that are unusual which makes it that much more confusing (since it isn't normal) right?

    • No, he doesn't want to date because I'm not in my home town. I moved away for school and now he wants to date me but won't because physically I'm not near him. I told him what I missed about him since I've been gone and it sounded like I was in love apparently that was his reply. I think I am in love with him because we've been friends almost 6 years. After I fell asleep on him he just like acted differently. Spamming me with messages and such. WHY?

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    • Why should I apologize for being honest about my feelings towards him? That's a stupid thing to say. Yes I'm paranoid and scared but no I won't apologize because I'm not ashamed to be in love with him. How rude of you to say such. Me and him have liked each other about 4 years and we've known the risks. But I am not going back on what I said. So that was a rude thing to say.

    • I am quite lost here. I never told you to apologize to anyone. I was asking for a reason for your apology. From what you wrote along with your question you said:

      "Automatically I panic and started apologizing a lot and saying it was really stupid."

      From this quote, I want to know why you apologized and why you told him it was stupid.

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