Psychology of a drunk text message from a girl

Use to get texts and phone calls while she was intoxicated and she was very well aware that it was me that she was calling cause she would say my name. Got them for many reasons from really "happy" to really sad. Why me and why would she say things and do this. Does it follow the drunk words are just sober thoughts?

Wasnt dating her, we were friends


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  • need more info... she could just be bored, or may like you..idk.. being drunk basically just gives you more confidence and you loose your inhibitions. She has some interest in you, or maybe just has no one else to talk to..

    • shes the type of person that doesn't get bored too easily so in my opinion it looked like she went out of her way to text or call me.

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  • She sounds like an emotional type of drunk. Some people get that way.

    You can't assume that drunk words are sober thoughts. They may or may not be. You need to talk to her when she's sober and find out what's really going on.

    You should also talk to her about whether she has a drinking problem. If she does or is heading in that direction, that needs to be nipped in the bud before it gets worse.

    • I think that there is a slight problem, she is kinda psycho to say the least. She bottles up her emotions and they come out when drunk or really upset.