How often should you text the guy you like first?

How often should you text the guy you like first? I don't want to come off as annoying we just started talking again he says he likes me and was the one to text me first after a few weeks of not talking to each other

Please help I would really appreciate the advice thanks


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  • Yeah as the good the bad and the hot said so, as much as you want, its only annoying if you text about what he's doing, where he is, who he's with, when he's free, what he wants to do with his life lol text about fun sh*t like heyThere's this scary euro movie that I heard people pissed there pants when they watched it, crazy? Oh and don't ask too many questions.

  • Whenever you want to, just give him a wee text. Nothing wrong with showing your interest.

    • What about when you do that and the text goes unanswered? Should I just keep texting him? Like wait until the next day or something?

    • Nah if the text goes unanswered just leave it. Then if you have yo a few days later just go "youre slower at replying than my nan doing the 100m sprint" or something along those lines.

    • And thank you too!

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