Guys: How much would a girl have to text you until you started to get annoyed?

I think pretty much every girl always gets that dreading feeling whenever they text a guy they like because we feel like we're bothering them. I'm curious as to how much I'd have to text a guy until he started to get annoyed haha. I mean, I'll message the guy I like and then we'll end up talking for a few hours, but still, I always feel like I'm bothering him. I usually wait like a day in between messaging him if not a little while longer.

So is there a way to be able to tell if we're bothering you guys?


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  • For me depends on how much I like the girl. If I really like her then pretty much can't be too much lol. Otherwise if a girl just keeps messaging when I'm not writing back it gets pretty annoying cause I'm normally busy.

  • If he's not keeping the convo going, meaning you're doing all the work or he's being really short like "yeah" or "cool" etc..he's probably not wanting to talk


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