Who else hates texting? Especially drunk texting?

Texting. It's so short, unclear, and people act so classless while texting. It's like you both become mentally handicapped. I was just reminded again of why I loathe it. Talking in person? Amusing. Talking via text? It's like both people turned into idiots.

I get this adorable, smart, girl's number in class. I text her that night, friendly.

Me: "So, how'd that test go you were stressed out about?"

Her: "Is this Jesse?"

Me: "Ha, nope. Andrew."

Her: "Oh. It went fine."

Me, realizing, this was dumb idea and ending conversation: "Good for you. by the way, I showed professor he was wrong (refer to class issue.), he just laughed, the snob. Anyway, later. Say hi to Jesse for me, haha." (Had to end it a little mocking.)

Her, a little later. : Jesse's a friend. And I hate that professor."

Me: "Well, he lied to us on that issue. A true politician."

Her: "His comment on the pope was offensive."

Me, wanting to wrap up conversation without looking rude: "Well, don't let it get to you."

Her, a half hour later. "I'm drunk."

I'm thinking, wow. That sure goes with that short conversation--not. And aren't girls supposed to be embarrassed of when they're drunk and underage? (20.)

So me: "Getting an early jump on the weekend, eh?"

Her: "Unfortunately. I have gave alcohol for months. Don't judge."

Opinion of girl? Tossed from, "adorable, sweet girl" to "average college girl who gets drunk in the evenings, nothing special."

Why do people just lose all sense of self-respect when texting? I mean, it doesn't even matter if she likes me or is going to flake out and be like, "just friend."


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  • It's not a matter of losing sense of self-respect, it's about telling something through text which is so much easier than face to face. She would be embarrassed if she bumped into you while drunk. She was drunk so there are not a lot of boundaries on subjects she can talk about through texting, heck, she would've even told you what kind of panties she was wearing, she was drunk! I'm just saying...

    I'm not a fan of texting either, but it's an alternative to talking face to face if that isn't possible or it's a good way to arrange plans to meet up.


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  • I don't think I care for texting. We'll see. Why are you so negative? I'd love to trade places with you vis a vis this drunk girl. The girls I've been texting lately have been a bore. They have all tried to appear prim and proper. The drunk girl sounds like fun. Meanwhile I'm texting about fucking books. God.

    She was quickly sizing you up. "Don't judge me." You did. In 30 minutes she figured out you two are not compatible. Seems like a smart thing to do.

    Why don't you take your head out of your ass? It is possible to be adorable and smart and still like alcohol.

  • shpuld just phone next time. I hate texting, can't express yourself through text, things get misinterpreted