She is dating my teacher what to do?

There is this girl in my class I have a crush on and I saw her many times with my teacher not sure if they are dating or he is just helping her , most of the time she is alone or with her friends but that doesn't mean she is not dating him or something right ?

What should I do?


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  • I would say I doubt it as such things are super illegal and tend not to happen but I note you're in Jordan, I have heard cultural norms are different in the Arabian world, have heard a few stories of teachers marrying students.

    Nothing you can do about it really. To go and report them would be a total arse hole of a move and really show that you don't actually like the girl at all and just 'want' to have her. Just let them get on with it and look for an available girl

    • but what if she is not dating him ? this way I will lose her for nothing

    • Ask other people (that you can trust not to be d***s about it). Ask her if it takes it.

      And you're not losing her, you've never had her. You've nothing to lose really- though with it being a teacher-student thing the poor teacher may certainly have something to lose.

    • i guess I am gonna ask her friends then :)

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  • Wow buddy. Maybe she's trying to get extra help or extra credit. That doesn't mean she is dating your teacher that's illegal

    • I asked some of her friends and most of them said she does , maybe its just a rumor maybe its not but I won't make any move until I make sure . :)

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