Do guys ever change how they feel about a girl?

I was seeing this guy for awhile broke up he went back to his ex. We have a bunch of mutual friends so it's awkward for everyone. I've finally had the moment that I realized everything I've done wrong with dating in my life & how my actions send this message to a guy & they see you as this. So I ran into my ex at a bar the other night 1st thing he says I don't want a relationship with anyone I still love you & have feelings for you but we're two different people I'm not the right guy for response was that is in the past I'm not looking for anything you're a good guy I just came to say hello & if we could try to be friends for everyone's sake.he agreed everything was fine he text me next day we just made small talk.he asked if I knew if I knew anyone who might want his dog I told him I'd get back to him.Someone wanted more info about the dog so I messaged can you let me know how old he is ,is he fixed,etc. he called me back I was out & couldn't answer left a message yeah didn't think you'd answer. He was drunk. Later that night I called him back said I was out couldn't answer can you leave me the info about the dog. He text me the next day not a good idea talking again lets leave it where it was. I responded OK take care of yourself if you ever need a friend to listen I'm here. He text me all week everything I thought was fine. I made a lot of mistakes in our relationship that I regret but I've changed myself .What could he be thinking? was he having different feelings ? He really is a good guy I was hoping we could be friends ,so our friends don't have to be in position picking & choosing& we could just get along.


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  • Guys will really change their feelings over time.

    As long as their is change present in the girl as well, like getting more attractive or her personality improved. You definitely have a chance with him.


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