We never go out....

we never go out, if we ever hang out, we just go to his house, or sometimes mine.. and then end up hooking up then once in a while we will go out after to a party or something, but we have never gone on a date... never to the movies, just the two of us - and paid for ourselves, never went out to lunch/dinner, once he asked me to hang out and I said ok can we get lunch because I'm usually hungry after school and he was like sounds good, but then he ended up not calling me until later the night and just came over to watch a movie - which ended up hooking up! it gets so frustrating.. we don't even really talk!


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  • Sounds like you're just his booty call.

    I know this is rather blunt

    and it may sound rude

    but it's true.

    • No, it's fine.. I just don't get it.. like he constantly tells me he likes me and like I was talking to his friend and he made it seem like he really likes me also, and that the kid was kinda mad one night because he thought I hooked up with another guy

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  • Age:Under 18

    Since I'm an atheist: John1.1 "In the beginning was the Word"

    Talk with him, to him, explain wath you want and like, what you hope: COMMUNICATION.

    Make him listen.


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  • Wow you are selling yourself wayyy short. It sounds like you are just a booty call to this guy and nothing more. If he liked you besides sex he would make a better effort to go out with you. I don't even think it's worth it to ask him to go out on dates and stuff because it's clear he doesn't want to.

    • Well we haven't has sex yet, just about everything else thoughhh ?!