How can he just move on so fast, without even trying?

This guy he loved me and I know he had fallen hard, but he never came up and talked to me, never asked that if I'm interested too, and now he has a girl friend, I don't know what she did or say but she's fed him lies about me, told him things that feels like he hates me now. why are girls so manipulative, just because she wanted the guy for herself, she made every effort she could to make him hate me and portrayed me as a selfish person, when I clearly am not.and now she goes around gloating that she has claimed victory because he has agreed to date her, but why claim victory when I wasn't even fighting? Why did she have to prove that I'm the bad guy to get him? and I still know they have fights because he hasn't let go of me completely. but she has threatened to ruin my life, and I Haven't said/done anything to her till date. but now I feel vulnerable, weak and ugly. Please just someone explain this to me. :'(


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  • It's the advantage of being a guy - we have the ability to move on in an instant.

    As for her behavior - that's just girls. They are competitive bitches.


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