Can a tenth grade girl date an eight grade boy?

Im in tenth grade and will be turning sixteen in a few months. I am starting to like an eighth grader. He is fourteen and we have been friends since December of last year. We both work on our school theater tech crew( we build sets, lighting and sound for plays.) I don't know whether this is right or if I should just stay to my grade.


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  • You have common interests, you get along, you have a mutual attraction, and he isn't exactly that much younger than you, don't sweat it. The fact that you are older than him means you are more mature and probably more likely to make good choices in the relationship.

    Don't sweat it, if you are both happy then enjoy things. It's not like you are some 40 year old cougar chasing high school boys! ;)


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  • I think there is nothing wrong with that but you have to remember that the mature or the older person on the relation have to take all the responsibilities and try to make make it last long most of the time so if you think you can handle it go for it .

    P.s: don't you think you are young to start dating I mean ( 14 and 16 ) is a young age to start such things at. :)

    • I had my first serious boyfriend at the end of eighth grade and he has had a serious girlfriend before.

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  • Welcome to my life.

    Only I'm 19 now and he's 17. He still has immature moments, but don't we all?