Am I this guy's option or was he interested?

met this guy on a dating site. we are both busy grad students in different schools.

he wanted to meet me a few weeks ago. I was not available (busy w other personal things) but I wasn't really that interested in him so I just said I'm sorry I am busy, but did not say we should reschedule.

didn't hear from him again but a few weeks later I see he keeps viewing my dating profile and now about 3 weeks later he texts me and says he is sorry he lost touch but would really like to meet me this weekend and apologized for being last minute.

i actually am busy this weekend anyway, but I can't tell if he really is into me or if he lost his other option so he came back to me?


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  • I think he was interested because he still wants to meet with you even though you couldn't meet with him. And now he still wants to hang out with you even a couple of weekes later. I think in his mind he might have thought that you just made up an excuse and didn't want to see him so he just got scared and backed of for a while. Now it seems he still is not giving up on wanting to see you. You said that your not interested in him so even if he does want to see you.You may not want to see him. since both of yo ugo to grad school and are busy with other things it makes it very hard to find time. The big question si do you really want to even hang out with him and see him?


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