Is he avoiding me or has he just been busy?

So I went out for the second time with a guy (I know him for about months now) and we're great friends.We went out and he told me about a one week trip he had ,lots of stories,we laughed,we kissed only on the cheek.We actually had fun on the date.We used to talk almost everyday (we'd take a 1day break ,max.2)After that he didn't text or anything. WHen we didn't talk for more than 2 days ,he would give me a message :hey,we haven't talked since... I gave him a text 2 days ago saying: hey,what are you doing,still living? :)) and he responsed with "a little bit" . After that I said "why haven't you given me a sign that you're stil living (ok in English it sounds weird,i'm from Romania) ,followed by "you wanna talk,or you want me to leave you alone" ,he didn't answer so I said "i guess you don't" and he sent a message "i;m playing" (He's obsessed with LOL). And still no message,he usually initiates contact,it's not just me. My bff says I should wait until he says something,but I miss us talking. He said he loves talking to me. Sometimes he's flirty and talks about us,then he says he doesn't want a girlfriend right now,then back ,then friends.I don't get it. A friend of mine tried to talk to his best friend ,who said : you're not gonna convince me to say if S.(the guy I like) likes her :)) "ANd when his best friend made some jokes about me and S.( on Facebook he said after a check-in :Aww look at them! :> and S responsed with :> and some other stuff at one of my pictures) I'm afraid some oof his shallow girl/boy friends (he's popular and lots of girls are around him ) saw the check-in and probably they told him "you went out with HER? "(sorry,my mind is doing this,i have a problem with my self esteem). Should I wait,or should I ask him what's wrong? We were more relaxed the last time, I wouldn't have the guts to kiss him though,i'm afraid he doesn't like me (I am more curvy around my hips and thighs than the other skinny /"planks" girls I know and I don't wear a kg of makeup because I have a nice face) ,i'm super shy.. So ,please I need help :(.

SOrry for the long story!
when he said "i'm playing" ,it was an answer and avoiding means not talking at all. I'm desperate :(


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  • Im assuming maybe he could be busy. If you and him text a lot then sometimes you have to give a guy space to respond back. If you send to much texts then it could make a girl seem to clingy . Even though he is popular and has other girls around him doesn't mean that he likes every girl that hangs around him. He told yo uhe lieks talking you and that he doesn't want a girlfriend now. He is very honest and open with you. Just try to give him some space. If he doesn't respond within a day or two or even three days then text him just to check up on him. Try not to be afraid or self conscious. He had to like hanging out with you because he wouldn't had text you back if he didn't.

    • Thank you,but the same day I asked this question he texted me and we talked for like 2 hours. And the next day for 3 hours. So he was probably busy. I was just scared because we stopped talking after the date and I kept wondering what I have done wrong. :) In this 4-day talking break I texted him on the second day and since he said he was playing I left him alone. But he texted me the 4th day,so I'm happy :)

    • Thanks for selecting my answer as the best answer. I'm very glad that he is texting you back. :) You seem like a very nice girl. I think with the texting thing is you get used to a routine and when the routine gets broken then it does seem like somethign bad happen. I'm glad that he was just busy. I hope things work out between you and him. Keep me updated on what happens if you can.

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