Is it annoying to text a guy first?


So... I met a guy last week, and I thought he was really cute, so I asked a friend for his number and we started talking.

We've spoken throught texts 4 times, he was the one to start the conversation only one time. The other day, he asked me to message him on fb, and after liking my photo he asked me if I was taken, liked someone or had a crush, and flirted a bit. I really enjoy talking to him but I am always affraid of coming off annoying to him by texting first. He is a year younger than me, By the way. What do you think?


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  • It depends what is within those text messages, whether they are one word or a paragraph. You will pick up on queues whether or not a guy will enjoy or be annoyed. It depends on the frequency and how often he will text you back. A guy will love sexual text messages but not all the time, only when the moment happens. The hardest way to find out is being up front and letting him know you like him. I suggest you don't do that but if you're having a hard time finding out, let that be your last option.


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