omg i'm gonna die what do i do??!!!

Well I feel like it! I started seeing this guy and he seems to be ignoring me now. I'm sad so I was chatting on fb with one of my friends about it and I accidentally sent him a message that was MEANT FOR HER! It said,

"I just noticed he has gone from 3/16-3/20 without texting then on 3/21 he finally did. He said he had been sick, I didn't trip because I hadn't slept with him yet."

I am totally spazzing out! He is gonna think I AM PSYCHO now!

What can I do if he confronts me? Omg I really liked him and I blew it. :(

Should I wait until he says something about it or do I just explain before?

I am like so sad, I now see that I was probably just over-reacting...people get busy...he works overnights as a manager and goes to school, plus he is a guy. I really liked him and I am so sad. I know there are other guys but that don't help me feel better now.
What do I say Nathand? And do I message him on fb or text him? I feel so lost. My friend, the one that gave me all these wild ideas tells me to just leave it alone and not say anything to him at all.


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  • Maybe he was just that sick, some people don't like to talk to anyone if they are sick, they just lie in their bed for ages lol.

    But then again, it only takes one min to text someone.

    From my instincts, yup you blew it off. Oh well, move on to the next guy.

    • You're right but daaaamn! :(

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  • i say to explain before, just in case he doesn't say anything and feels awkward about the relationship.

  • just talk to him what happened like an adult and hope he can understand.

    if I was him, Would rather you come to me and explain, than not know the true meaning of the message.

  • To start with you could not overreact to the point of it being ridiculous.


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