Try more or time to give up?

My boyfriend of almost a year dumped me yesterday.. 7 days before our one year. I was going to be taking him to an NHL game with front row seats. I love him to death and honestly I am not ready to leave. I caught him texting this girl constantly and just asked why? He explained and said he would stop. I went away for a week and when I got back caught them again.

He won't return my calls, texts or anything. I want to give him his things back but how when he doesn't answer me? Should I take this as a hint?

Help me..


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  • RUN AWAY! I had an ex that did the same thing with girls, always was texting and flirting, always said he would stop. HE NEVER DID, two years later he was still doing the same sh*t. If he won't take to you take the hint, leave him alone, and when he tries to talk to you don't respond. If you let him back in in anyway he will leave your heartbroken and raw. Trust me.

  • If he was talking to other girls and he won't return your calls, why even bother giving him his things back? Get rid of them. Text him and tell him to either come get them or you're getting rid of them by a certain day. He sounds like a jackass.

    He doesn't deserve NHL front row seats either. Take someone else and tell him to have fun staying home with the girl he's so obsessed with texting. It sounds harsh, but ladies should have zero tolerance for guys who are like this, but we don't and that's why guys act in such a way. They get away with it.

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