Should I just give, so much rejection?

I usually don't give up easily at things, its in my nature I'm a scorpio.

However, dating and guys just don't seem to come naturally to me. I never even hugged a guy until I was 19/20, aside from a male relative or something. Done university almost and I am now 22 and still have not kissed a guy. I tried online dating, went on 3 dates all guys from this pof site went to my university, aside from one which went to a different one. Those are the only dates I've had and they didn't go well.

Only one guy asked me out really and it was in high school and when I rejected him he said he was just being kind. There are a lot of good looking girls in my college so after year 2 I tried dressing up a bit, wearing makeup, having my hair straightened and basically looked nice/pretty but not slutty.

I've tried talking to guys I like but they don't even want to be friends with me. I mostly like white guys but I'm east Indian so even living in a city like toronto I find that they are just not attracted to me. Anyways even guys of my own race don't go after me either.

Rejected a handful of times indirectly.

Latest example would be this guy in my group project who I thought was cute. Tried to make a line up and say "hey did you go to such and such a school" after talking to him once I said that. And he made a weird noise and face back at me. And remember before this I thought he seemed like a shy but not super shy nice cute guy. I don't think I'll see him again anyway.

Can anybody else, girls relate to this? Any advice? Should I keep trying and getting rejected. I feel like I've tried so damn hard. :( And even not tried but basically no dates, no guys want me.


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  • You should keep trying.

    Getting rejected is part of the dating world.

    Guys are rejected about 50 times a year.


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