There is this girl 2 years ago, what should I do? please help

it was 2 years ago, we really like each other like texting everyday which lasted 5 months, also I'm the type of guy that is shy and only we talk lesser than texting. honestly, even though I like her that much I didn't court her Because of me being scared to be rejected. til the time comes where we stop with her saying she's scared and pretend we don't know each other. so I did respect her decision which is likely I realize I'm wrong. and now after 2 yrs, I send her a message on fb:

me: how are you

her:just fine, how about you?

me:i'm okay^^, where do you work?

her-didn't respond

me:its been a while and maybe just hoping if we could have a not bad conversation.but really, am I annoying you?

her:no its okay, I'm just busy at school(no work) :))

me: ah ^^ unlike our course, it seems that chemical engineering is hard (actually she's delayed for almost a year even though she's smarter than me) so when is your graduation?

her-didn't respond (my message was seen and yet 2 days have already passed )

what should I do? I want to make a smooth first move and so to the point that I'd like her to know that I've changed.


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  • Wow man why would you reply to her question "how about you " that you're fine omg you haven't talk to her in two years a lot of thing could have happen and had happen in two year you should have said something like this "well lets see its has been two years since we talked so a lot of thing have happen lol it will take more than hours if I tell you everythig but I guess ill just tell some funny and important"just list the things that happen over the 2 years . Don't ask where she works in the first few texts a lot of girls don't like to talk about there work place or if they have a job. What I would do right now is I would ask get if she wants to hung out And say something about those times we had together and texted make her remember and show her that you're interested in her

    • hey I asked her out and bla bla bla... and she responded with she can sorry...

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    • thanks. you really helped me a lot man

    • You welcome