Is He Playing Me? How Should I Continue?

I've been seeing and flirting with this guy for a little over a month now.

I went out with him one night and he told me how his dad passed away in November. I revealed to him that my mother passed away at the end of October and I felt like we had a moment. Later on in the night, after a few drinks, I flat out asked him what he was looking for. He saying "I'm not looking for anything but you seem like a really great girl and I want to see where this goes." At the end of the night he kissed me.

The next time we went out I met him at a bar and then the two of us went out somewhere else afterward. It was another really great night and he kissed me a lot. When I got home he texted me saying " Why didn't we go back to your place?" I said "I told you I'm looking for a relationship. I want to be upfront with you about that." He said "I understand" and how he was just really attracted to me etc.

The third time was two nights ago we ended up hooking up afterward (oral sex, not intercourse). The day after I posted on his Facebook wall a joke about the evening (wasn't anything inappropriate) and I noticed that he had deleted was sketchy to say the least.

The other night I drunk texted him and he got angry and sent a text to me saying, "I'm not remotely turned on by a girl berating me to come over her apartment saying she's drunk". I texted back saying "woah just reading all of these texts now...I agree that was obnoxious. Drinks on me next time to make up for it." He said " Don't worry about it, drinks are still on me though."

Thoughts? I'm freaking out because I really like this guy, think we have a connection, and don't want to mess any of this up. I also don't want to be played. I have told him twice that I want a relationship.

Other details that might matter- He's 23, I'm 20 (if that matters?). Every time we have gone out he has paid for me and has been completely a gentleman (holding doors, etc). He also went on a family vacation and sent me photos of the beach that said "wish you were here" and other really cute messages. He has introduced me to a lot of his good friends.

If I told him that I wanted a relationship twice, and he is still around, wouldn't that mean he is considering being exclusive?


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What Guys Said 1

  • These days, it's unusual for aguy toinsist onpaying..and it implies that he's into buying your time and also your sexual availability...this is, to say the least, a little old fashioned. Just saying...

    It sounds like he's not listening to you saying yu want a relationship...and that is open to interpretation!


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  • Hmm hard to figure him out, maybe just tell him how you truly feel and that you only want to continue on if he's serious, then cut him off if he doesn't agrees and move on.