What to do when the ex comes back.

We dated for a long time, good friends for 3 years, and suddently he just ignored me in October and than weeks later he had a girlfriend, they broke up after a month, than now 6 months later, he is dating a new girl, lots of love pic on his fcb , than he began liking my pictures a few weeks and days before, I thought I was crazy cause I mean its only a like, than when I wrote I was traveleing on my status , he inboxed me and wrote have a good trip, and began asking how I was doing etc, I was shocked...

He broke my heart , dated/dating 2 girls and nooow he writes me, I was cold towards him and he noticed and we had a little argument, where he explained things but that is so not gonna make me forgive him for hurting me,

i asked if he had a new girlfriend and he said she's a good friend atm but maybe more, don't know.. So I'm confused to what he wants, he also asked me if I was dating and I said yes, and he was like oh dated for a long time?

Well basically he was trying to be friends again, and he said I do really want you as my friend but its up to you..

Ahhhhh what does he want? I mean he is dating a girl...


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  • He must miss being with you B4 bt I guess he is just using you 2 waste his time

  • He thinks guys and girls can be "just friends". Never be friends with an ex...it only causes drama


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