Is she keeping it real or full of sh*t?

I have a good friend whom I've known since High School (I'm 28 now). Lately she's been DYING to set me up with this guy she knows, who happens to be a family friend of hers. I met him and he seemed cool. So he agreed to take me out when his schedule got less busy (he's a chef that works 6 times a week)

Anyway, my friend texted me about a potluck she was throwing for Easter. I said "yes definitely, keep me posted on what time it starts!" Didn't hear from her after that. 2 days later, I reach out to HER and ask "What time is your potluck on Sunday? My family decided to have Easter Dinner so I may come to your potluck a bit late." Still no answer from her. Normally I would call to she if she got my text, but she DOES have a history of ignoring texts every now and then, or responding to them incredibly late, so I decided not to call.

10 days go by and still nothing (I'm guessing there was no potluck). However, the guy ends up calling and we go out. I'm not gung-ho over the guy, but I did have a great time with him on the date.

Finally, on Saturday night around 11pm, my friend texts me. She says: "OMG I totally forgot to press send on your last text! I obviously didn't have a potluck last week, but let's catch up this week! And did you ever go out with Johnny?! Hope all is well otherwise!"

I don't know if I should answer her, or ignore the text. I mean, why am I hearing from her nearly 2 weeks later? That's ridiculous. I'm thinking she heard from the guy and is dying to know how the date went.



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  • rhi rhi?


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  • I call bullsh*t.

    I mean 2 weeks later? C'mon.