Did my Boyfriend get Mad That I'm Not Sure if I Want Kids?

I am 25 and my boyfriend is 28. Last night my boyfriend and I after having some time...Between the sheets. We were getting comfy and getting ready to go to bed. I nearly elbowed him in the groin and he said. "Hey watch it I might want kids someday." I then said to him "I'm not sure if I want kids." All of a sudden his tone slightly changed. Turned to one of being irritated "don't say that just because I did. The other night you said you didn't."

Which isn't the case. I said "I don't even know if I want children." Meaning I am still debating on it. But honestly it's not something I am thinking about right now. But then he said something about how it's a kind of yes or no question or something like that he mumbled it. We've not been dating for long only a few months. Both of us agree that living together is to soon. We both have a few goals before we reach that situation. We are taking things steady and we both know we have all the time we want.

I am just curious if he's already got these thoughts in his head that he thinks I am "The One." It doesn't scare me (honesty grown tired of dating and he's also expressed that). But the fact he seemed a little upset with that conversation just got me curious.


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  • I think you should have a full on discussion about this and cut out the ambiguity. only way to be sure


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  • I agree with Robotic, I think something this important should be discussed. I know that it is hard to sometimes but I really think that's the only way to be sure you don't hurt each others feelings.

    • Thank you the both of you! Yeah it is going to be something that's hard to talk about. Especially since honestly I think it's a bit soon to be thinking on these things. But he's brought it up twice now. But you both are right so thank you once again.

    • No problem!

      PS: If you need help with anything feel free to message me!

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