Is he using me or does he still like me?

I met a guy in February and we kind of just hit it off and have been texting ever since. He always tells me how much he likes me and wishes that we lived closer to each other(we're both 16 and we live like an hour away from each other). We have went on one date in February and it was both of ours first real date and we went to the movies and had a great time and after that we just texted all the time and every two days we would take turns texting. I would text one day and he would text two days later. But recently he hasn't been texting me as much even tho he says he's really into me. So last weekend I got my friend who wasn't friends with me on Facebook to message him acting like she was trying to talk to him lol. And he actually messaged back telling her that he was "talking to someone really special that he met in February that goes to ******** high school" which I know has to be me. Lol he's texted me once since then telling me how happy he is when he gets a text from me and I texted him again 4 days ago but now he hasn't texted me since :( what do you think could be wrong? Also he's very shy!


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  • It must be that he's just busy or is just really shy.

    It's clear that he's still into you.


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