Guys: Do you like when a girl texts you first or does it seem desperate?

I like this guy and I found out from my co worker that he knows I do. Even after he knows I like him he seems like he is okay with and text but I do not want to seem like a crazy obessive girl and scare him away. He invited me to a party and was super touchy and sat really close to me at work and I was really excited but he did not end up coming and I want to text him but I don't want him to think I was standing guard at the door waiting on him. Any Advice on how to get this guy?


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  • Lol even if he knows you like him, I doubt he thinks you are crazy obsessed with him and standing guard at the door. Those are just your thoughts and insecurities. Just send him a casual text saying, hey where were you? or something along those lines.There's nothing wrong with a girl initiating a text conversation. He would probably like the attention especially since he thinks you like him already.


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  • I love it when a girl takes control and shows initiative, shows she's keen and interested. Can you show my boring wife a thing or two.

  • I love it when a girl texts first!

  • Yeah, I like it. I'm bothered by the fact that some girls think that a guy has to text first every time because if he doesn't, he must not be into her. It could be that he doesn't know what to talk about right then. If you go by that, you could run him off because he thinks you're not interested and when he does text you, he might think he's bothering you. Try to put in equal effort.

    I think you should keep going on the way that you have been and if things stay the same, try to escalate it. Did someone tell him that you like him or did he tell your other co worker that he thinks you like him?

    • the co worker told be that he was bragging to her about he know I like him. So I do not think it was anyone saying to him that I do. he just thinks he knows

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