Just a quick question about a first date!!!

Ok, I asked this girl if she would ever consider going out with me and she said yes. We went out on our first outing (I don't know if it was a date or not) but she said several times that she was having a good time and we should do it again. Now the activity was a specific thing. The question is, does she want to go out again, or do this specific activity again. I'm new to the whole dating scene and I am completely lost! Please help!


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  • To be safe, you could do whatever activity you did again. It would work to your advantage because clearly she has a good time doing that with you. Then maybe you could ask her if she'd like to have coffee/ drinks with you afterward. That way, you kind of transition into the dating sphere without losing the comfort you guys have just hanging out. Good luck! :)

    • Thanks! No if I can get over a few more things ill be good. Thanks for your advice it was much appreciated!

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  • I think she means do the same thing again. Maybe it was a sports event and she likes that game? It would stil,l then,not be quite a date...so ask her if she'd like to do somethng diffferent, before you buy the tickets!