Should I be concern about sex/dating/chat e-mail notices in partners email?

I am engaged and noticed my partner has sex/date/chat sites sent to her inbox of her e-mail. Yes; I did meet her on one of those sites. The relationship is about a year old and we have been living together for about five months. We do a lot of talk about (You are my everything and You are all I want in life and she says she would turn into a stalker if something were to happen to our relationship. ) Time we spend together we have got to be touching. The problem is I have noticed quick sights of sex/dating/chat sites still in her inbox of her email. I have completely stopped the site I meet her on and showed her. .Should I be concerned about this and how do I handle this? We really say we love each other and we say we really want to get married. She has a 10yr. son in-which she encourages me to be a father figure to. He does come to me with hugs and fatherly / son type questions? Even parent/teacher conference visits at his school and doctor visits. I want to know how to handle this before, I learn to distrust this relationship. I really Love her and want this relationship to last till dead do us part.


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  • Maybe she just hasn't had time to sign out of the sites; having a 10 year old makes you busy, and she has you, besides!

    Still, after a year, I would thinbk she would have taken herself off those sites just as you have.

    It could be she just enjoys chatting, as we do here on Gag. Probably it's totally inn

    ocent. Don't be worried about these things unless she's actively chatting with people on the sites, or somethikng like that.

  • You are engaged and yet you're only dating a year?

    Cop on to yourself - seriously. You got engaged way too soon. I'm not surprised she is still acting as if she has options open. She is probably (on some level) not taking this engagement thing too seriously.

    Regardless of what she says, I think it's obvious that you're way more invested in this thing than she is.

    It's not that you should distrust the relationship - it's that the building work hasn't been finished yet and you've been operating under the assumption that it has.

    You have a lot more building work to do before it's ready for marriage.