Are we just friends?

We've known each other for a bit more than a year and we've texted each other regularly for almost a year now.

Until recently, I didn't think too much about it, but I think I'm starting to like him so I want to know if he likes me.

We've talked about a lot of things, we like generally the same things, have similar views.

Since we started texting last year, a mutual friend had mention once he knew a lot about me. He would send me (love) songs to listen to, suggested shows/ movies I should watch - they weren't overly romantic (ie. The Notebook) but had a good mix of action/ sports and romance between the main characters in the plot. He'll also volunteer information like he isn't in a relationship and has asked me questions about my dates.

Most of the times, I would send the text so I've tried stopping all forms communication - email/ text for a week, and he did send me a message.

I've hinted in the past saying I want to do XXX and watch XXX, have you been there/ seen it? But nothing. He did recently tell me to go somewhere with him but the place wasn't opened at the time and I said maybe. No follow ups now that it is opened.

There's been some empty promises like owing me a drink, but never delivering.

I started liking him recently, but we've been texting for almost a year, nothing much has changed. Are we in the friend zone?


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  • You are trying to drop this guy subtle hints that you like him. That's like trying to bomb your enemy into submission by dropping cotton balls on them instead of bombs. You'll never get anywhere that way.

    GUYS DON'T DO SUBTLE! If you like him, you either need to come right out and say so, or use HUGE, SUPER-OBVIOUS hints that you like him. And even then, he'll need a bunch of them. Why, because GUYS DON'T DO SUBTLE!

    It sounds like he likes you and is (or at least was) interested in you, but he thinks HE is in the Friend Zone, so he's not pushing you for anything more. That means that it's now on YOU to take some initiative and make some kind of a move.


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  • You guys are friends


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  • oh yea I think that you are just friends ..but if you like him you can change know they say that good relationship starts from a perfect friendship !

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