A random number texted me pics of my crush and....?

first of all I am pretty sure this guy liked me like the end of sophomore year cause he tried talking to me, stared at me, was nervous/awkward around me, his friend stared at me & they would talk bout me, and he got jealous when I talked to another guy... When sophomore year ended I messaged him over fb during summer break & he only messaged 1/2 word answers... I gave him my # and he never texted me... I ended up confessing to him that I like him over Facebook & its cool if he didn't like me but I felt he should know & he said oh um OK & then I said do you like me or not like I said its cool if you don't and he never messaged back... I know he is VERY inexperienced with girls and he's very self conscious with himself and thinks he's ugly and all that... I even saw on tumblr that he reblogged "no one has a crush on me"... He still stares at me and acts awkward & his friend still stares at me too... I saw on twitter he said "i give terrible first impressions, I either am too nice its awkward or I'm too shy I can't even make eye contact" & whenever he talked to me he never made eye contact...

SOOOO... yesterday some number who I don't know of texted me a picture of him twice and said "is this the guy you like" then they said "This is (my crush's first & last name) and I really like you too I know that we didn't talk but I LOVE YOU" then they said "sorry so sorry so sorry this is the wrong number"... they said all that without me texting back and when I texted back saying "who is this" they never replied... he was tweeting about being with famiy so I don't think his friends did it and he was there, also I don't think he would give his friends my number by the way it was 9 months ago that I messaged him over Facebook... today at school he seemed normal I mean he does look at me sometimes... I don't know what to think of this!?


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  • A random number don't ever respond just ignore it if they don't tell you who they are cause its someone being an idiot thinking they are funny I hate those messagees. Call the number when they least expect it from a private number if you want to find out.

  • It's the definitely his friends' pranks.
    And basing from that, it seems that your crush also have a crush on you. Though, he just doesn't have the confidence to say so.


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