Need some advice from experianced people

So for 3 years I dated a guy, on and off cause he moved and etc..

but we have been great friends to begin with, very good friends

but I got more feelings for him than he had for me I guess

but since August we were dating cause he finally moved back to our town... but than in October at the end he began ignoring me all of the suddent..said he was busy didn't contact me

than few weeks later he got in a relationship and I was joke

they broke up after a month.. which was very weird and now 6 months later he recently began liking a few pictures of mine on Facebook.. and we havnt talked in 6 months than few days ago he wrote me saying have a nice trip cause I went to another country and he began asking me if I was doing good etc..

weird part is that he is dating a girl..he said they are good friends at the moment but maybe they will be more he doesn't know and he asked if I was dating any one and I said yes and he was like oh for how long ? and he said people must be lining up ..

what do I do when he comes back and talks to me all of the suddent...trying to act as if nothing happened ..he did give me a small explanation but that doensnt work for me..


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  • To your last little paragraph and question. When he comes back and talk to you just say it looks to you like he's been having a good time, but so have you. Cut it short and let him go his way. Unless you really like this guy you shouldn't be getting into a discussion with him because he'll confuse you even more. His stories conflict, he ignored you when you were depending on him, plus he's had other girls in the meantime, etc. Unless you feel you can gain something by getting back with him, then there's no sense putting yourself back in the same positions he already put you in... not knowing what's going on with him... having another girl while in a relationship with you , etc. Don't you think you deserve better than that from a guy? No, don't try to act as if nothing happened if by chance he gives you a small explanation. But do act as if a lot happened and make sure he knows exactly what it is. This guy is not interested nor ready for a true relationship where he's committed to one girl. Don't let him continue to make a fool of you and keep you waiting. It's OK to talk with him and see what he's been up to, etc., but don't plan on anything firm with him that you think you'll be able to depend on because he'll surely let you down like he has in the past. His life is like a yo-yo and you don't want yours like that. He sounds too much like a guy that'll never be there for you when you want him or when he should be. My strong advice to you is to start hanging out with other friends so that you don't feel ignored by him. Get involved in activities where other guys are. But do choose your friends and guys that you hang out with because we always become somewhat like our friends. So chose positive ones that can add value to your life and make you happy. .


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  • If yu're still curious, you can ask him for a longer explanation!

    Otherwise, just be minimally polite, and make it clear you won't forget him dumping you and dating someone else without telling you the real reason he stopped contacting you.

    Somebody who does that once, will do it again, and again, and AGAIN...

  • LOL sounds like a funny guy.

    "and he said people must be lining up .."

    hes got other girls watingin for him as well probably move on


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  • You'd be the biggest dumbass in the world to let him back in your life. I'm sure you already know this, but here are the reasons you should not give him he time of day.

    1. You liked him more than he liked you at first.

    2. He ignored you for weeks.

    3. Got into a new relationship WHILE dating you.

    4. He keeps coming back to you.

    5. He always has a girl on the side.

    The fact that he got into a new relationship while you two were supposedly dating, should make you turn away and run. He is obviously comfortable lying to you, which shows he might not care about you as much as you think. But he also expects you to be there for when he wants you back. That could be because he does not respect you. You don't want to be his bitch. You're better than that. Next time he texts you, tell him to stop. Say you deserve better and don't want to hear from him again.

    Also, it seems you have a boyfriend now? Good. That's the perfect excuse to keep this guy away from you.

    • I'd pay very close attention to this answer if I were you! Nicole has nailed it to a tee.

    • PERFECT answer! I literally could not agree more. Well said NicoleBanks3...

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