What would you say is the reason for a man to keep popping up every six months or so?

There is a guy I went on a good few dates with back when I was 23.He decided to stop seeing me mainly because I wasn't ready to sleep with him.I was saddened,but I left him alone.He is about or 7 years older.At the time,I attended his very first show as a musician.Anyway,after he dropped me,I ended up seeing him on the train 4 years later! :o We kissed,but I realized I felt nothing for him...and yet,he was picking up right where he left off.

We got into a bit of a row,and we didn't see each other for about 6 months...then we ended up talking again somehow.Then another 6 months of not speaking...then I get a text out of the blue!He's checking in on me to see how I'm doing and giving me an update on his music career.Most recently,a week ago...I received a weird email,and I decided to message him because I was sure his email had been hacked.He then seemed all interested in meeting up,catching up etc.I'm 29 now,and over the four years he was searching for me on FB,and still inviting me to shows etc. I just would have thought him being the playboy he is,he would have forgotten who I am by now.

What gives?


I think I felt nothing while kissing him because I feel like I need to get to know someone BEFORE being even that physical.


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  • I am just going to tell you how it is...because, honestly, I think that is what you need. The first red flag for me was when you said that he ended things with you because you wouldn't sleep with him. If he really had been attracted he would of come to his senses. It just happen by chance he ran into you on a train. All the memories of wanting to sleep with you probably came flooding back to him and he probably wanted to give it a go again. What gives is that he is a douche bag that thinks he still has a chance with a girl after waiting six months to contact her again. My guess would be that he probably goes on and on about how busy he is with his music career blah blah blah. Catching up probably means taking you to his place, feeding you booze, and serenading you with music.

    • Hey,thanks for your response.I already see that he thinks he can bed me,and I put a stop to that real quick (that's when we had a row).He was disappointed because we decided to have a picnic.He only brought booze and I brought FOOD.I think he was trying to get me wasted but it didn't work.I made plans to leave early and he was pissed.Clearly he thinks I'm still 23.Also,I think he continues to contact me because I was there at the very genesis of his career,I was supportive.I know a lot about him

    • and there is some history there.Not anything deep,but history.At this point he is harmless to me honestly.I know he can't really hurt me because I don't have deep feelings for him.But I was stilll just wondering why 7 years later he is STILL all about it.Maybe its because he isn't too far away from 40 and wants to settle down with someone...hmmm...

  • well it sounds like he could've had real feelings for you