If a guy doesn't text or message you he's not interested is he? No matter how shy?

If a guy likes you, he's going to make the effort right? He doesn't text, call or make much of an effort on Facebook.

Our best friend says she thinks he likes me, but that he's shy. She used to live with him and says he doesn't normally hook up with girls he doesn't like, even really hot girls have tried it on with him and he's said no.

We've hooked up a few times, and when we have done that he's been really cute and snuggly, cuddling me all night and holding my hand.

I've also stayed at his and nothing has happened between us and he's just held my hand all night, which again makes me think he may like me. But then to not make any effort to get in touch obviously shows he's not bothered?

I don't live near to him, and only visit every 3 months or so. But I do really like him. My confidence has been left in tatters after a horrible break up so I've found it hard to have the confidence to talk to him when I'm sober. So I've been drunk when we've hooked up and made a bit of an **** of myself.

The last time I saw him I was in a total state and I'm very embarrassed about it. Now I have to see him and I'm terrified. He pretty much ignored me that whole night.

If he really liked me, he wouldn't just assume he'd see me all the time as I'm always with our best friend, he'd try and contact me...right? He wouldn't just pick me up when we're out together?

I need to just be told either way what's most likely so I can sort my head out! Please, even if its just a yes or no, help? I'm really struggling here...


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  • Even though he don't text you, he can still be into you.