Do you argue a lot with the person your dating or like?

I was wondering cause I always tend to see that when someone is dating or talking to each other and, they like one another they tend to fight quite often. How come? Honestly do you argue with that person? I fight and,argue with this girl so much and, then she always comes back and,then just finds a reason to start an argument. I just don't get It. Some help would be nice. Thanks!


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  • sometimes it's hot as long as the arguing is about dumb stuff and not serious and also when you spend a lot of time together and flirt it's fun to pick at each other

    i used to have dumb mini arguments with this guy I was dating, we would tease each other and fake argue but it was more like teasing than arguing

    • im talking about legit arguments.

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    • Well do you think that Its a sign that she really likes you when you fight all the time?

    • it could go either way. not necessarily.

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